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Current Projects

  • African Adventure
    Three trainers, 7 African Countries and 150 QuickBooks Enterprise users.
  • Automation, Consolidation - Oh My
    This international wholesaler is looking for ways to automate both their data entry and streamline their reporting processes while still using QucikBooks. To accomplish this we will be using a combination of the Transaction Pro Importer and QQube software. In addition to integrating with QuickBooks, we will need to come up with a few work-arounds to use these tools to their fullest potential
  • Custom Reporting
    Accurate and timely reporting can be one of the most powerful tools in the success of a business. Is there something that takes hours to complete every time it is needed? Information from two databases that you would like to consolidate into one report? Custom reporting is the answer.
  • Foundation for Success
    This International Foundation for Humanity was looking for a way to help automate their donation and donor contact process. Additionally they were looking to streamline their daily accounting. To accomplish this we will integrate their website to Salesforce and Salesforce to QuickBooks. We will set up for payables management, merchant services on both the website and QuickBooks and ECheck scanning for quick deposits.
  • From Paper to Progressive
    Follow us as we take a large fencing company from paper to progressive.
  • Hands On Classroom Training
    The next best thing to having your own personal trainer. The most comprehensive one day class around. Our course was designed by the Accounting and QuickBooks Experts at Presti & Naegele. Drawn from thousands of personalized training and consulting hours at real world businesses in and around New York.
  • Renovating the Sales Process
    After 20 years of piecing together excel sheets and multiple databases, this remodeling and design company is renovating the way their sales team does business. Travis will be customizing and implementing Method CRM to take over where Excel has fallen short.
  • The Flower Shop
    Local wholesale florist looking to switch from pen and paper to computerized tracking.
  • Travis' Custom Solutions
    When your QuickBooks doesn't do that one thing you need. Travis can make an app for that.