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Invoice Template Total Data Fields

If you have ever customized an invoice template in QuickBooks, you may get confused as to all the different total options that are available. Depending on what you want your customer to see, you may need to add or remove these data fields on your template. Here is a quick explanation of what these fields are and what information they show.

SUBTOTAL – This field totals all of the line items on an invoice WITHOUT the sales tax amount. Even if you include sales tax items in the body of the invoice, it will not be included in this total.

SALES TAX – This is the total of the sales tax calculated from all the sales tax items of the invoice. If you put sales tax items in the body of the invoice, or select it at the bottom of the invoice, it will total in this field.

TOTAL – This is the total of all the line items on the invoice, along with the total of all sales tax items. This does not include any credits or payments that the customer has made to this invoice, nor does it contain the balances of any other unpaid invoices.

PAYMENTS/CREDITS – This is the total amount of payments and credits that have been directly applied to this specific invoice. It does not include any other payments, even if they have not been applied.

BALANCE DUE – This is the amount that the customer still owes on only this invoice. This is the TOTAL field minus the PAYMENTS/CREDITS field. It does not contain the balance of any other invoices, payments or credits.

CUSTOMER TOTAL BALANCE – This is the balance that the customer owes for all invoices, credits, and payments. This could end up being negative if the customer has a credit balance, or positive if they still have other outstanding invoices.

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Travis has been a Consultant with Presti & Naegele since October 2007. He has worked with companies in a variety of industries, specializing in QuickBooks Point of Sale. An Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor since 2008, he also has extensive knowledge of QuickBooks Financial software and third party integration solutions. Travis is an expert in QuickBooks SDK and creates various custom applications for his clients. Prior to working at Presti & Naegele, he worked for Intuit as a Technical Support Representative and was part of the advanced support team.In his spare time he does computer programming and is currently learning to develop for Appleā€™s iPhone and iPad devices.
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