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Manufacturing & Wholesale – QuickBooks Quotes/Estimates

Many wholesale and manufacturing business utilize quotes for their customers. These quote, when won are then converted into invoices for billing. QuickBooks does not have a Quote style transaction, but we can utilize the Estimate feature to replicate this functionality. The Estimate feature allows the user to create a non-posting sales transaction and can keep track of change orders as well. With some simple tweaks, it can be a powerful Quoting tool.

In order to use Estimates, you first have to turn the preference on. This is done by going to the Edit menu, selecting Preference, and then select the Jobs & Estimates section on the left side. Select “Yes” for the question, Do you create estimates? Once you click the OK button, QuickBooks will enable the Estimate feature.

Creating an estimate or quote is the exact same process as creating an invoice. You can start a new Estimate/Quote by going to the Customer menu and selecting Create Estimate. If you have the Manufacturing & Wholesale edition of QuickBooks, it may be called Create Quote instead. Rest assured that to QuickBooks, estimates and quotes are the same thing.

About Travis Trudeau

Travis has been a Consultant with Presti & Naegele since October 2007. He has worked with companies in a variety of industries, specializing in QuickBooks Point of Sale. An Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor since 2008, he also has extensive knowledge of QuickBooks Financial software and third party integration solutions. Travis is an expert in QuickBooks SDK and creates various custom applications for his clients. Prior to working at Presti & Naegele, he worked for Intuit as a Technical Support Representative and was part of the advanced support team.In his spare time he does computer programming and is currently learning to develop for Appleā€™s iPhone and iPad devices.
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