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Merging QuickBooks Files (cont’d)

Now sometimes data transfers are trickier than transferring data from one file to another. If the information needs to be changed (or in the cases the source is not QuickBooks) then exporting it out to Excel gives us the flexibility we are looking for. With that we then can use another tool to assist us in formatting the data in the language QuickBooks can read when importing. The IIF creator by Big Red Consultuing has been one of my favorite tools to use throughout the years due to the flexibility it gives you. Use the IIF Transaction Creator to import transactions from Excel to QuickBooks. This add-in supports most transaction types, including checks, bills, invoices, sales receipts, and deposits. It uses data on an Excel worksheet to create an IIF file that is customized for your QuickBooks company for easy and reliable import. To use the IIF Creator, arrange your data in simple row/column layouts on a spreadsheet. Several layout options are supported. - Easy wizard guides you through basic setup. - Options for handling different transaction layouts including single row, multi-row, and variants of these. - Support for most transaction types like Checks, Bills, Deposits, Invoices, Sales Receipts, and so on. - Create just one or thousands of transactions in your IIF files at a time. - Automatic sales tax calculation for sales transactions (optional.) - Automatic name and account conflict resolution for easy import into QuickBooks. - Support for CSV, TXT, and other text files, opened in Excel. - Direct support for sales history files, files, files, and Ecommerce Templates files, which can all be imported using the Text File Import Wizard. Now with this tool I am able to export the data, make the appropriate changes and import it into the destination QuickBooks file. Of course the need to reconcile the checks and balances are important and not doing so will make the work these tools assist with pointless.

About Alex Flores

Alex started with Presti & Naegele in early 2009. He has held the ProAdvisor Certification since 2008 and just recently became eligible and passed his Advanced Certification. Alex has worked as a full charge bookkeeper for over 10 years and began his QuickBooks training career in 2003.
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