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QuickBooks and Intuit Year-End Procedures Part 1

QuickBooks and Intuit have several resources to help you prepare for the new year. To help you navigate those options and organize all your year-end tasks, Intuit provides:
  •  A Year End Guide/checklist within the QuickBooks product that provides information on:
    • What and how to reconcile.
    • How to make adjustments and corrections.
    • How to close your books.
    • How to run and print the reports you need.
    • And much more
  Use the QuickBooks Year-End Guide as a checklist to help you perform the most common tasks that you or your accountant may need to complete in the upcoming months. The activities detailed in the guide help ensure that your year-end transition is smooth.  
  1. Open QuickBooks, then go to Help > Year-End Guide.
The guide is a checklist that provides links to the instructions and information that you may need for each item on the list.
  1. Click a link to view the information and display a list of other articles and resources that you may find helpful.
Note: When you click a link, two(2) In Product Help screens display  within your QuickBooks application. The screen on the left contains the information you selected and the screen on the right contains search results for other articles and resources that you may find useful.
If you have any questions on your year end procedures please feel free to contact us. 

About Alex Flores

Alex started with Presti & Naegele in early 2009. He has held the ProAdvisor Certification since 2008 and just recently became eligible and passed his Advanced Certification. Alex has worked as a full charge bookkeeper for over 10 years and began his QuickBooks training career in 2003.
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