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Our QuickBooks developers can go beyond the basics to give you powerful business intelligence and detailed analytics tailored just for your business.

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Custom-Quickbooks DevelopmentBy customizing QuickBooks to go beyond the basics, you can get the granular business intelligence you always wished you had.

Extend your capabilities to provide missing functionality specific for your business or industry for:

  • Custom Applications
  • Custom Integration
  • Custom reports

Our expert QuickBooks developers utilize the QuickBooks Software Developer Kit (SDK). This set of development code allows applications to interact with your existing QuickBooks software. Your business will continue to perform at its peak, while providing an alternative to another expensive, larger, and more complex accounting software system.

Custom Solutions

  • Custom-QuickBooks DeveloperApplication Development
  • Front end ordering / invoicing systems
  • Advanced custom reporting
  • Bulk data manipulation
  • Custom report calculations
  • Custom data entry windows
  • Manufacturing extensions such as work order processing and planning
  • Materials planning
  • Service scheduling
  • Data consolidation
  • Data collection (Bar Coding/RFID tags)

How it Works

Quickbooks developer iconAn expert QuickBooks developer can customize directly in QuickBooks using available custom fields and workflow processes, creating an overlay application that pushes and pulls data to and from QuickBooks.

Or, we can develop integration with an existing software to bridge communications with QuickBooks.

You will have a simplified solution that works exactly as your business works.

If your business or industry requires a customized QuickBooks solution to gain critical business insight, you’ve come to the right place.

"5 Stars! Presti & Naegele’s expertise was instrumental in allowing us to utilize QuickBooks more efficiently. Their QuickBooks knowledge (Quickbooks Gurus!!) coupled with their accounting firm background proved to be a pleasure to work with. Andy made us feel as if we were his only client!"

"Alex is an amazing instructor-very clear, patient, extremely well-versed in everything QuickBooks and very responsive to any question at all about how to get the most from the software. Highly recommend! A pleasure to work with!"

"Not only is Kristin an exceptional presenter on QuickBooks, she is thoughtful and responsive to her students needs. Her presentation was a helpful introduction to QB and she has provided 1:1 support several times as follow up. Kristin is always willing to get on the phone to walk through challenges and provide support and solutions. I will work with Kristin as much as I can! I recommend her wholeheartedly!"

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