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With QuickBooks custom reports, you get the business intelligence you need to save hours of time and make more informed business decisions.

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QuickBooks Custom reports servicesBusiness intelligence and analytics are one of the most important aspects of running your business.

With custom reports, PNATC can provide you with the tools you need to gain transparency with your data so you can make smarter, more informed business decisions.

Whether you need custom dashboards, reports or excel spreadsheets, our team can assist you in getting the necessary data you need without needing to manually combine multiple reports or excel sheets.

Let us develop dashboards for you using Microsoft Power BI, or help you integrate one of the many reporting add-ons. Gain deeper insight into your business performance that informs your decision-making. PNATC will add clarity and insight to your business.

Examples of Our QuickBooks Custom Reports

Regulatory Report

QuickBooks Custom-Reports IconWe created this custom QuickBooks report for a building materials company who purchases internationally. The report was customized to show invoice line items for a specified time frame, and contains information on:

  • Various shipping costs and vendor/customer export
  • Import information that is used to meet regulatory reporting requirements for the federal government, saving hours of paperwork.

Master Order Report

QuickBooks Custom-Reports Icon 2This report was created for an international building materials company. It gave them a customized report of all sales order line items and their disposition, including:

  • Purchase Order
  • Vendor Bill
  • Invoice
  • Customer Payment information pertinent to the Sales Order.

This report provides complete life cycle information for each sales order line item all in one place.

Commission Report

QuickBooks Custom-Reports icon 3We customized a commission report for a recruiting company, who pay their staff commission based on placing workers.

The commission used to be done in a separate program where they had to manually re-enter sales data that they were already putting into their accounting software, so they were doubling up the work.

By integrating the two programs, the work was done is half the time.


Setting Required Fields

QuickBooks Custom-Reports icon 4Because QuickBooks doesn’t allow you to set ‘required’ fields for data entry, employees a recruiting company sometimes either didn’t put in information or they entered incorrect data.

The newly customized report allows them to quickly find transactions that have missing or bad data without having to manually review each transaction, saving them hours of work and increasing accuracy.

"5 Stars! Presti & Naegele’s expertise was instrumental in allowing us to utilize QuickBooks more efficiently. Their QuickBooks knowledge (Quickbooks Gurus!!) coupled with their accounting firm background proved to be a pleasure to work with. Andy made us feel as if we were his only client!"

"I attended a webinar led by Kristin. In spite of the less than exciting subject QuickBooks for Beginners, she engaged all of us small business owners with a dynamic presentation. The material was covered in a very thorough, yet easy to understand way and questions by attendees were quickly responded to. I already had some experience with QB but learned valuable tips throughout the workshop. Highly recommended!"

"Alex Flores did an amazing job customizing the QuickBooks Enterprise program for our very complicated inventory setup. His patience and expertise in training our staff made the transition from our old system to the new a smooth and painless process."

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