Reporting Options with QuickBooks

One of the selling points with QuickBooks are the easy-to-use reports right out of the box. Intuitive and customizable with various filters the native ‘drill down’ functionality makes it easy for users to navigate the data that gets entered into the system.

But what if there are instances where the built in reports don’t cut it? That’s where you can leverage some alternative options to get more out of the system. Three main options we find with addressing these reporting needs are:

  • Excel
  • 3rd party add ons
  • Custom reports via ODBC


Most reports in QuickBooks allow for you to export to Excel. From there you can do what you need to with the data to fit your end goal. You can also leverage the QuickBooks Excel plugin (more on that in another post).

3rd party add ons

There are a number of 3rd party apps that specialize in various reporting functionality. They leverage the QuickBooks API/SDK and take the data in QB into an interface that is more robust than QuickBooks by itself. Some of the top apps we’ve worked with:

  • Qvinci
  • Fathom
  • QQube

Custom Reporting

Another option that you have when working with QuickBooks Enterprise is connecting directly to the database via ODBC. This allows you to access the QuickBooks database directly using the reporting tools of your choice. This method gives you full control over the type of reporting you want and design.

PNATC can help you with either of these options so feel free to contact us for more info!

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